Dear viewer,

Hello. My name's Sarah, I am 34 years old, and I'm in companionship with pain.


You might be on your own or with others - perhaps you are with a support worker or care giver, or a human or animal companion. If you are inside, you can choose a room or space where you can relax. If you are outside, you can choose a place where you feel safe and at ease. You could be in your bed, on a mat, in a wheelchair, on a sofa, on a park bench, up a mountain, on the train, in a café, or somewhere else. Throughout this experience feel free to do what is most comfortable for you – you can sit, stand, lie down, stretch, lean, move around. You can stim, snack, drink, make noise, look away, close your eyes.

Take however long you need to settle in to where you are. Wherever you are, and however you are feeling, it is perfect.

If the content becomes too much, you can come back to it at another point. You can spend however much or little time with this document as you wish.

You do not need to be a polite viewer - you’re invited to do what is most caring for your body and mind.

This space does not merely accept you but needs you to be you for it to be itself. This space shakes its head at pressure and judgement. It wants another way. This is a space to rest into your body, to acknowledge yourself however you are, and to settle in to the richness of listening to pain.

Take your time. Breathe. Allow yourself to breathe with the images and words. 

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