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Dr Sarah Hopfinger (She/Her) is an artist and researcher, working across live art, choreography, theatre, disability and crip practices, queerness, ecology and environmentalism. She is a lecturer and researcher in contemporary performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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Sarah Hopfinger makes collaborative, participatory and solo performances, often working with diverse collaborators including children and adults, trained and non-trained dancers, disabled and non-disabled performers, and nonhuman objects and materials. Her performances are presented nationally and internationally, with organisations such as Take Me Somewhere, Made In Scotland, Battersea Arts Centre, South London Gallery, Buzzcut.

Her performances and practice-led research respond to her lived experiences and she creates performance as a way to practice alternative and ethical ways of living and being in the world.

Her current performance project, Pain and I, explores how to creatively collaborate with her chronic pain - premiering at Edinburgh Festival this August 2022. Her current research, Ecologies of Pain, explores through dance and performance how lived experiences of chronic pain can offer insight into living and working with wider ecological pain - funded by Carnegie Trust. 

Her work is philosophically based in, firstly, a crip politics that embraces and celebrates disability as a valid and valuable lifeway, and, secondly, ecological and posthumanist thinking that acknowledges human's unavoidable entanglements in nonhuman life. Her aim is to practice crip politics and ecological philosophy through how and what she creates. 

She approaches performance-making as a way to ask difficult questions, to be in the unknown and complexities of those questions, and to practice curiosity and openness.