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Turning Towards:

Working Creatively with Chronic Pain

Artist Raquel Meseguer Zafe and I are carrying out studio-based collaborative research to develop dance practices by and for chronic pain bodies. Our collaboration has sprung from our individual experiences of chronic pain and a mutual interest in working creatively with pain.

Link to a public talk on the research - an Exchange Talk at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2021.


Funded by Creative Scotland and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), we have carried out residencies with Trinity Centre (Bristol) and RCS, exploring the tacit knowledge of chronic pain experience and how that tacit knowledge can be translated and explored through creative practice. How do we turn towards our pain? How do we work creatively with it? What creative practices emerge when chronic pain knowledge underpins the form, structure and aesthetic?


Raquel is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She acknowledges 'crip' as an artistic tool, and 'rest' as a creative impulse. Raquel is the artistic director of Unchartered Collective, a live art and performance company she founded to create work that explores the lived experience of chronic pain. She is also a Lost Dog Associate Artist, and a Pervasive Media Studios Resident. She also advocates for a Resting Spaces Network and Horizontal

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