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★ The Herald
'Delightfully whimsical, but in truth a very complex and intense mesh of concerns, joys and yearnings.'

I want to go back to the beginning, to nature, to where I come from, to my mum, to being born, to the dawn chorus, to falling in-love and to the ripples in water. There is a mother and daughter, cardboard wings, a miniature forest, hobbit feet, a lost whale, a song about the Spring and characters from The Lord of The Rings.
Small is Beautiful, a deliberately low tech studio performance, is an intimate, playful and witty work that attempts to find hope in a world where we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves, each other and the more-than-human world around us. My mother, Val performs in parts of the piece with me. I look back into my rural upbringing and use my childhood enthusiasm for The Lord of The Rings to communicate the pull the landscape of home has on me.

Small is Beautiful was my degree show, shown in 2010 at Into The New festival at the Arches, artFart performance festival in Iceland and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

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