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★ ★ The Herald
'A far-reaching reminder of who we are, and where we come from in time and landscape... The groove is pure 21st century, the energy and exhilaration is timeless.'

We will be reckless, tender, and rough. We will run, sweat, and rest. We will be quiet, loud, slow, fast, still, and always moving. We will carry, hold, and fling. We are asking what it is to be wild. We would like to know about it with our bodies - alone, together, and with what we donʼt yet know or understand. We are not just us. There are children, adults, water, stones, and other ʻgoings onsʼ. Each of us are here, and since each of us are multiple, we are quite a crowd. We would like to go into this wild life. You are welcome.
I collaborated with eight professional and nonprofessional performers between nine and 80 years old to create a dance performance that explored, embodied and celebrated wildness. Wild Life was commissioned and shown at Platform in 2014 and 2016.

Collaborators & performers: Lennon Che Campbell, Geraldine Heaney, Irene Kelso, Archie Lacey, Pete Lannon, Liz Lumsden, Graham Mack, Gaby McCann, Carragh McLavin.
Dramaturgy: Laura Bradshaw
Lighting design: Suzie Normand

Funded by Creative Scotland, Made in Easterhouse and Catherine Wheels Theatre Company.

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