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★ ★ ★ ★ The Herald

'A poetic meditation on our relationship with places, people and our selves as we grow into adulthood. Beautifully crafted, sensitive and wise.'

How old was I when I realised my age?
How old are the stones I tread on as I walk along this track?
How long will they last?
How long will we last?
How old will I be when I die?
How long can we go on for?
How old would my great-grandmother be now?
How old is old?
How old is the way of the world?
These Age-old Present Moments was a solo performance that focused on the relationships between people, places and environment. It explored the mystery and complexity of our relationship to the age of ourselves and the landscapes we exist in. The content interwove autobiography and ecological concerns, focusing on personal relationships and outdoor experiences in landscapes. Through playfully creating unexpected images and micro-landscapes with white plastic bags the work sought to offer new meanings for this object/material. The piece was a sequence of attempts to understand and be part of the manmade and natural textures, environment and elements around us.
Produced by, and performed at, Buzzcut 2012.

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